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Project Brief

Based on evaluations of Tanzania’s historical investments, financial institutions, and the country’s investment and environment outlook several barriers to Cleaner Production (CP) investment and projects were identified. These barriers included an insufficient understanding of the benefits of clean production and associated investment opportunities, a lack of enforceable environmental legislation and absence of environmental standards, and a low level of appropriate education at supervisory level resulted in low diffusion of CP concept. Knowledge transfer and capacity building efforts were essential in overcoming these barriers to CP investment. A number of in country training events were conducted to create and built the capability of staff in companies and financial institutions to develop and promote CP investments. Project activities were completed in March 2002.

The Tanzanian Department of Environment at the Vice President's Office acted as National Focal Point of the project, and the Tanzania Industrial Studies and Consulting Organisation (TISCO) acted as host institution to the National Project Coordinator. A National Advisory Board gathered at least twice a year and provided guidance and advice to the project. The Board's members were chosen to represent the project's main stakeholders, including: Vice-President'Office (Chair), the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Tanzanian Investment Centre, the Tanzanian Chamber of Industry, the Tanzanian Chamber of Mines, The Cleaner Production Centre of Tanzania (NCPCT), the Bank CRDB 1996 Ltd., the Norwegian Cooperation Agency (NORAD), the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and UNEP. Other strategic partners of this project included the Confederation of Tanzanian Industries (CIT), the National Boards of Accountants and Auditors and the Institute of Finance Management (IFM).

Project Outcomes

The following documents provide an overview of some project activities and outcomes:

Tanzania Investment and Environment Outlook
Tanzania Study of Past Investments
Tanzania Survey of Financial Institutions

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