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Project Brief

Cleaner Production Financing project activities commenced in 1999, and a formal agreement between the Secretaria General de Planification y Programacion de la Presidencia (SEGEPLAN) and the United Nations Environmental Programme’s Division of Technology, Industry and the Environment (UNEP/DTIE) was signed in 2000. As part of the project activities, a National Cleaner Production Centre was established, and a coordinator was hired to oversee project activities.  The centre reviewed twenty projects in seven industries, including fourteen retrofit projects, three new construction projects and three plant expansion projects, and reported on their findings. The sugar industry was of particular interest to the project, as its exports account for a significant portion of national GDP.

The implementation and promotion of project activities was ensured by local partners, including the Chamber of Industry of Guatemala (CIG), which acted as the National Focal Point as well as host institution for the National Project Coordinator. The National Project Coordinator, Lic. Ana Victoria Rodriguez, was responsible for the implementation of activities and acted as operational-liaison with the Paris-based Project Team. In addition to the full time staff, the National Advisory Board gathered at least twice a year, and provided guidance and advice to the project. The Board's members were chosen to represent the project's main stakeholders, including: CIG, FUNDESA, the Universidad del Valle, the Asociacion de Azucareros, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), the Swiss and the Norwegian Embassy and UNEP. Strategic alliances were also developed with SEGEPLAN, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the National Environmental Commission (CONAMA).

Project Outcomes

The following documents provide an overview of some project activities and outcomes:

Guatemala Investment and Environment Outlook
Guatemala Study of Past Investments
Guatemala Survey of Financial Institutions
Guatemala Project Work Plan

Guatemala Project Data

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